Saturday, 23 April 2011

Apartment Therapy

Okay okay, I know that strictly speaking this is supposed to be a food blog... well, sue me.

I just feel the need to share. This collection of blogs have provided me with infinite inspiration over the last few years. It started with this one : Apartment Therapy. I stumbled on their competition, the Small Cool Contest in 2009, and became addicted to the site. The Small Cool Contest was looking for (you guessed it) the smallest, coolest homes. The entries were divided into Teeny-Tiny, Tiny, Little, Small and International (it was a USA competition) based on square footage. If you like interior design and snooping inside other people's houses then this is for you. Here's a few samples of the entries:



These blogs were so so so helpful when my partner and I were moving into a new (and pretty small) flat - I got some wonderfully inventive storage ideas as well as design and decor inspiration.

Apartment Therapy is a great home design and decor site, devoted to helping people achieve beautiful, organised and healthy homes. They believe that simplicity and luxury are not mutually exclusive - something I firmly agree with. You can still have a gorgeous home even if limited on budget and space -you just have to get creative. This great site offers house tours, sales and events, inspiration and advice, and of course Small Cool Contest 2011! Get voting for your favourite tiny home!

Pretty soon I realised that this is in fact part of a collection of sites, all equally brilliant:

The Kitchn (and no I haven't spelled that wrong) - a cookery site, packed full of delicious and healthy recipes and ideas.

re-nest - a site covering the intersection of the "green" movement and the "home decor" movement. Everything from eco-friendly gardening gloves to vintage furniture renovation.

Unplggd - a site finding the best of home technology, with tips on incorporating it into your home without spoiling your decor. Lot's of great ideas for at-home office solutions.

ohdeedoh - design for kids! Children's furnishings need not be ugly or boring... 

These are all worth a gander. And don't forget to vote for your favorite teeny-tiny room at the Small Cool Contest 2011!

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  1. Love both Unplggd and Apartment Therapy... great sites. Can I also recommend for amazing design imagery and for similar home / design / art cross over gubbins..