Sunday, 22 April 2012

Getting ready for Live Below The Line

Tomorrow, our Live Below The Line challenge begins so we're getting ready for the week ahead. D and I are living on £1 a day. Today was prep day. Hunting for bargains and determined to get as much bang for our 10 bucks as possible, I went to our local "Buy and Save" market.

My main aim, after having enough food to not be hungry, was to have a decent range of the important nutrients. Meat was out of the question but I made a bee-line for some vegetables that I could pepper our carbohydrates with. Honestly, it was hard to walk out of the market without buying a punnet of delicious looking strawberries - but that would have blown a third of my weeks budget. Still, I wanted to make sure I had at least a little vitamin C so I bought a bag of oranges for £1 and three lemons for 50p.

£10 to feed two of us for the week. This is what I bought:

2kg Basmati rice
Huge tin of chickpeas
Two tins of lentils
A large white cabbage
3 lemons
A bag of oranges
3 onions
Two head of garlic
A can of tinned tomatoes
Two tins of tomato puree
6 large carrots
A large head of broccoli
A bag of porridge oats
Chicken stock cubes

Not too shabby. In fact, I'm really quite surprised at how much I could afford. Obviously it's going to be a rice-heavy week. I'm going to do what I can to keep our meals interesting and I'll be blogging everything we eat this week so stay tuned.

Now, to bed.



  1. Two of us live below the line here in the US. Cabbage is a mainstay of our diet as is potatoes (we can get them sometimes 10 pounds for $1 occasionaly on sale) Anyway, meat is used mostly for flavoring when you are very tight for grocery money. Bacon pieces are used to flavor beans and greens a lot and strawberries?! lol eyah, doesn't end up in the shopping carrage. You don't get strawberries unless they are growing in the garden. You don't get a lot of things unless it's from the garden.

    1. i forgot to add, milk is a rare thing too, any dairy as it's so costly here. We tend to buy powdered milk, and use it in baking bread and other recipies.

  2. A brilliant shopping haul, I look forard to following your progress (I need all the tips I can get).

    Good luck.

    Sue xx