Sunday, 15 April 2012

Live Below The Line

Hi, everyone. Sorry, no recipe today. Instead, an announcement...

From the 23rd - 27th of April I will be living on £1 a day as part of Live Below The Line - an awareness and fundraising campaign. In their words:

"Live Below the Line is challenging individuals and communities to see how much change you can make out of £1. By living off just £1 per day for food for 5 days, you will be bringing to life the direct experiences of the 1.4 billion people currently living in extreme poverty and helping to make real change."

UNICEF has asked me, in my capacity as a food blogger, to be part of this challenge and to blog about the experience. I am delighted and honoured to be part of this initiative. I'll be blogging every day about what I'm cooking and eating. It would be great if you'd support by sponsoring me or by getting in touch via my blog ( or by signing up to do the challenge too!

Visit my profile to sponsor me here:

Thanks, everyone.



  1. Would it be cheating for me to invite you round for dinner?

  2. I'll be following with interest, I'm doing it 7 - 11th May, so I need all the tips I can find, I really don't want to have the stodge filled week I had last year, although I did enjoy the experience!

    Good Luck.

    Sue xx