Monday, 30 July 2012

Speedy Supper: Chorizo and Black Olive Spaghetti

Another quickie post. This pasta dish was a result of one of those uh oh, the cupboards are bare moments. Husband was away and I hadn't done any shopping that week because I can never be bothered to think about cooking when he's not around. But I was suddenly ravenous. I needed food and I needed a lot of it. Occasionally I get carb cravings so deep and intense I just can't fight them. I have to give in immediately and cook a huge pan of pasta and scoff the lot. Usually straight from the pot, I'm not proud to say. So I put on some spaghetti and hunted for something to go with it. Jar of pasta sauce? No. Pot of pesto? Nope. Carbonara ingredients? Not even close.

So this happened:

One of my the most successful speedy makeshift dinners I've had in a while. One I'm proud to put on the blog. One I've made again since.

Chorizo and Black Olive Spaghetti

(I can't give you amounts for this because it was more of a 'chuck some stuff in a pan and hope for the best' recipe. Use your best judgement and don't skimp on the olives...)

Chorizo, finely chopped (I used chorizo slices which I chopped up small) 
Black olives, chopped
Good pinch of chilli flakes
Olive oil, lots of it
2 cloves of garlic, minced
Pinch ground pepper
Fresh basil, chopped

Put spaghetti on to cook in well salted water. 

While it cooks just saute chorizo, olives, garlic and chilli flakes in a few large glugs of good olive oil over a medium heat in a wide bottomed saucepan - I actually used a large frying pan. Saute until the orange oil has been released from the chorizo but don't let the garlic burn. 

Stir in the spaghetti and basil. Serve with another glug of extra virgin olive oil and a big crack of black pepper.

It's a good lesson to remember. Simplicity. If your ingredients are good, it only takes a couple of them combined to make a great dish. 


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