Thursday, 4 October 2012

Darjeeling Macarons with Honey Buttercream

These were far from perfect. They had a crisp shell but they were too fragile and crumbled at the edges. They had wonderful little 'feet' but they weren't particularly uniform, and the base was a bit gnarled. The buttercream had an amazing texture but was too sweet.


For a first attempt I was VERY happy. More than happy. Very very happy. Ecstatic. 

I was terrified but they were delicious. You should totally try making them. Ignore the fear. Do it anyway. I followed this recipe to the letter (with the exception of using Darjeeling rather than Earl Grey) and watched this how-to video and this how-to video, which were SO helpful. Check them out for step by step instructions on macaron technique, which is a complicated affair.

The buttercream filling was a bit too sweet to my taste and I think I'll tone down the honey next time as it overpowered the subtle tea flavour in the macaroons. But all in all this felt like a personal victory for me. Macarons are notoriously difficult but they turned out pretty good for a first attempt. It's obviously an art. There's a lot of instinct involved but now that I'm over the fear I'm taking flavour suggestions for the next batch. Anyone got a good macaron recipe for me?

Thankyou Yoo-Eatz, for this great recipe!


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