Sunday, 2 December 2012

What I do when I'm not doing this

My day job rules.

Oh, yeah. I haven't really mentioned my day job on this blog before. Well. Today's the day. I work for a London and Wiltshire based catering company called Top Hat Catering. Our Beloved Leader, Top Hat MD Hattie Mauleverer-Jones, employed me in June and it's been an educational, funny, exhausting, brilliant six months so far. Far too much fun for a day job.

I wear quite a few different hats at Top Hat. My primary role is running the company's marketing. I manage Top Hat's online presence (blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest) and compile marketing materials. I also put on an Event Manager hat for some of Top Hat's jobs, which means I get to boss people around and sometimes hold a clipboard - two of my favourite things. Sometimes I am 'cheffing' on an event which means I prepare the food on the job - constructing canapés, or assembling a buffet lunch, that kind of thing. This is a lot of fun. And on some days I get to work in the kitchen! Last week we were making our Christmas Hampers and I made several hundred handrolled Chilli Chocolate Truffles (see photos below) and a batch of Dill Sauce. My idea of total bliss. 

I could ramble on about all the Top Hat food for pages but I think a picture speaks a thousand words. Or in this case, a bunch of composite photos. 

Disclaimer time. I wish I could say I cooked all of the food in these photos. Nope. 'Fraid not. 

Most of our food is made by our Head Chef, Janine King (affectionately known as Ja) who is quite simply brilliant. As well as being a phenomenal chef who cooks some of the most delicious food I have ever eaten (her Beef Wellington is unbelievable) she is also one of the loveliest people I have ever worked with. I love Ja's attitude to food. She loves food wholeheartedly and loves making people happy with her cooking. She is passionate about using sustainable produce and reducing waste in our kitchen. She's brings an infectious energy to the Top Hat kitchen and her food is fresh, flavourful modern and exquisite. Magic. I'm hoping some of her talent rubs off on me.

Top Hat can cater just about anything. Champagne and canapé receptions, dinners, buffets, christenings, weddings. From minute to monumental, friendly to fancy, modest to lavish, and many other adjectives, Top Hat are here to help. Having a Christmas party? Check out our menus.

Here's the Chilli Chocolate Truffles that I mentioned. I made a lot of them. Hand rolled. It was awesome messy fun. See?

And a few weeks ago I got the chance to try my hand at fresh pasta which Ja made into ravioli starter for a 3 course dinner. I got messy again and it was ace. 

Do you understand why I love my job? This is why.

So for all your catering needs, be it an intimate at-home three course dinner, a cheery Christmas buffet, a country wedding, or a chic canape party - get in touch with Top Hat Catering.


  1. your job sounds absolutely amazing! i kinda wish i were you.. x Hannah

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    1. Thanks Gina! I heart my iphone.

  3. You know exactly what the readers want.