About Effie

Hello. This is what I'm eating.

I'm an actress. I've spent quite a lot of time being on the telly and yes, it's true, the camera adds 10 pounds. As a result, maintaining a slim waist was often more important than savouring a meal. Food was never my thing. Food was functional; something to get done as quickly as possible so I could get on with something more important.

But that has changed.

Over the years, my attitude to food has evolved - from indifference, to suspicion, to intrigue, to all out obsession. Now, cooking has become a way to escape my worries. I find intense joy in it. I love losing myself in recipes and creating new dishes, feeling the satisfaction when a cake comes out well, the sense of accomplishment when an experimental flavour pays off. In challenging times, the immediacy of preparing food is such a simple, sweet medicine. A form of therapy found in the bottom of a mixing bowl, in a simmering pan, in the angry whizz of a food processor. My kitchen is now my haven.

Discovering a love of making and eating food has dramatically improved my life. Waistline be damned. This is about living life.

I have a tiny kitchen. I live with my fiance and our cat, and we love to eat. There's nothing better than seeing my beloved pat his stomach contentedly after a good meal. So, this blog is a document of my newest obsession. A way of remembering the recipes that work and the dishes that don't. No frills here. Nothing fancy. Just me and the food I make for us. This is what I'm eating.